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Лучше казино онлайн

Also known as: market interest rate. See also: interest rate, policy rate.

Leontief paradoxThe unexpected finding by Wassily Leontief that exports from the US were labour-intensive and its imports capital-intensive, a result that contradicts лучше казино онлайн the economic theories predicted: namely that a country abundant in capital (like the US) would export goods that used a large quantity of capital in their production.

See also: balance sheet, asset. The competitive process results in an outcome that is difficult to change, even if users of the technology consider an alternative innovation superior. This is вероятности рулетки онлайн useful for working with growth rates. See also: technology, institutions, short run (model), medium run (model).

Лучше казино онлайн curveA graphical representation of inequality of some quantity such as wealth or income. Individuals are arranged in ascending order by how much of this quantity they have, and the cumulative share of the total is then plotted against the cumulative share of the лучше казино онлайн.

For complete equality of income, for example, it лучше казино онлайн be a straight line with a slope of one. The extent to which the curve falls below this perfect equality line is a measure лучше казино онлайн inequality. See also: Gini coefficient. See also: marginal private cost, marginal social cost. See also: marginal external cost, marginal social cost. It is the slope of the feasible frontier.

See also: marginal rate of transformation, feasible frontier. At any point, this is the лучше казино онлайн of the indifference curve. See also: marginal rate of transformation.

At any point, it is the slope of the feasible frontier. See also: marginal rate of substitution.]



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